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ALTA LUNA STUDIO aka Jane Ann Dever

Recording books and creating visual arts are my passion!

Using my voice to record your stories in my studio and using my portable equip net to record your memories!

I hope that you enjoy my Audio Book Recordings. In addition to doing public domain recording for LIbrivox.org,  Editing work that I do, both as a volunteer on Librivox.org, where we read public domain pieces for free access by the public (exciting) and for commercial and biographical recordings! I enjoy and embrace it all!

As far as books to record, if you have book to be recorded, you may contact me; I am seeking projects, and can audition or you mak listen to my links. auditio.  I am accent-neutral, record both fiction and non fiction, am English speaking and easy to work with.

In terms of non-authors, It is vital to record elders so that their “voices” and memories are preserved! So let’s! Recording children at various ages, to  capture their stories and “voices” capture said precious time, as well.  Young and old, we all have a lot to say — and memories matter!  Wisdom is found in the written and spoken word!

I may be contacted at altalunastudio@gmail.com, if you have questions about getting involved or are curious about the process.

EMail first,then let’s talk…

Jane Ann Dever


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