Why Madonna Paintings?


I have painted Madonna And Child paintings for nine years now. I love them and love to share them. I also sell them, which is my living at the moment. I started painting during a life-changing, spiritually exhausting mid-life crisis (of sorts), from which I doubted I could recover. I had no particular faith left, after ditching all of my traditional values to “Find myself”. I was 43 at that time when I finally breathed long enough to regroup. In the end, looking back, I claim that path and know that it helped to make me “me”. It also gave me a wealth of material for books and artwork!

SOLD – My first Madonna painting, “First Night”, Oil on canvas, 20″ x 16″; part of a Private Collection, Barrington, RI

My first Madonna painting curiously looked like me and my family (the baby looked more like my nephew than my own children but the resemblance was there, and he looks like me as well). It took me a while to realize that I was often painting myself as the baby, the child, or both — and the babies (as in life and in spirit) are so wise. I healed, regardless, and forgave myself for being human while I painted.

The images of the Blessed Mother and Child are well received for their universal and spiritual theme; however, folks often relate to the imperfect humanness they reflect of my own issues at any given time. They range in mood and intensity — and they all make great company. The conversations that they spark are amazing — so interesting. All cultures have bought them, too, which isn’t surprising. I once had a Islamic Sufi poet write a poem to one of the Mothers (a beautiful poem) and a tattoo-laden punk rocker teen make an appointment to tell me how one reminded him of his aunt (a moving conversation).

By sharing my work, the dialogue begins.   I showcase my painted images and blog about them on AltaLunaStudio.com, so check out my site and feel free to follow my blog for fun.

“Rose Lake Madonna” part of the collection at SUNROSE FARM, Saunderstown, RI

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