Jane Hackathorn

I am an artist, audio book recorder, wife and mother. I have a loving husband, two amazing adult children, a Gizmo dog who is more like my baby than a dog, and I live in Ohio. The act of creating art, accomplishing a DIY project, or working on any task with great passion and really getting lost in it -- Makes me happy! Creative work starts with dreams that start deep within and when they surface, I have peace! My Creative life is my best life, with love of God, family and a community of friends around me. In forgetting myself with these values, I (ironically) find myself. It is a God thing, a blessing, to be able to do what I love, contributing what I feel is important and receiving so much more in return. Sharing is a blessing, for sure. My artwork is shown here as well, though most of it done in past years when I owned and operated an art gallery in my home town in RI, or when living in NC and MA. Life is good!

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