New Hope Show Invitation and OPENING tomorrow!

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From my 3/19/14 journal entry:

A great day overall for me, I managed to meet lots of obligations at home and in the world — and as I just flung my feet up onto the coffee table, it occurred to me that I am exhausted — a good exhausted.

First stop was dropping off paintings to New Hope Center at the Training School in Cranston. Ricky Gagnon does a terrific job curating shows there as a volunteer — not an easy task!  The OPENING RECEPTION is this Tuesday Night, March 25th, and the show will be open through July 6th.

new hope invitation

For this show, Ricky chose some of my older work.  In fact, he chose a selection that included raw emotion pieces, “Acceptance”,  “Enough Already”, “Golden Halos”,  “Yellow Veil Madonna”,  among others.  Please come to the Opening tomorrow from 5-7 pm, if you can!

“Enough Already” is a disturbing piece (I think), as it depicts the Blessed Mother and Child as bruised and beaten with a worry line on the forehead of the Madonna that looks a bit like a horizon of  battleships.

I painted it with faith after getting through a life changing period of life, understanding that not only are we are damaged by our experiences but  that Jesus and Mary ALSO suffer with us as we go through life, feeling our pain.

Enough Already. Acrylic. $400 Response to Violence and War
Enough Already. Acrylic. $400 Response to Violence and War

It wasn’t ever meant to be insulting to our Lady or Jesus; rather, it was created in response to what we do to them in our world — in war, physical and emotional abuse, in addiction, and through self-hatred.  “Enough Already” was painted from my perspective as a happily healed and still healing artist as a rude awakening to others to share what I felt that day.

From there, I spent an hour at St. Patrick’s ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe Adoration Chapel’, where I read the bible and other unusual prayers cards, some in Spanish. Besides Russian-Soviet Lit, Spanish was my favorite subject at Bay View. Sister (Señora) Flora had me reading novels and writing papers by the time I made it Independent Study in senior year. I’ll add “Brushing up” on that to my “To Do” list.

From there, I picked up the paintings I had hung at the Unitarian Church Show — a great show — hung a few of them at Sage Café and the rest at the studio.

Many thanks to Vic and Helga Piccoli, who tirelessly volunteer to improve and sustain the Bristol Art Museum, where Vic built and installed bookshelves in our Studio “Kitchen” today!  Kendra Ferreira, a studio neighbor, and I hung my painting “Unraveled” in our shared kitchen space after they left — to surprise them.  It looked maaahvelous — and freed up some wall space in my space!

“Unraveled” by Jane Dever; Acrylic on Masonite board, framed (chipped frame in a couple spots/touched up); approximately 50″ tall; $450 — at Alta Luna Studio

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