My services are yours if you need them

Seasons of Change (award winner) by Jane Dever. Acrylic on Masonite board. 16″ x 12″ framed. $500

I was at an opening reception of the Bristol Art Museum last night when I was asked if I do outside marketing consultation for artists’ websites and fan pages.  My answer was YES.

As life requires money for expenses and the art world sometimes leaves me short, I am looking for an additional job to help ends meet. Please watch and share my cool video resume here (entitled “See Jane Work”)

My Video Resume
My Video Resume

and visit (and share) my job search website:

Screenshot (5)

You may email me or fill out the contact form below, should you have or know of a job for me!

FYI: I also help folks to set up social media fan pages and company/studio websites for $30 per hour plus the cost of domain registration/online processing fees.

Also, if you need a great logo like mine, contact my daughter at

Thank you in advance,

Jane Dever

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