2.9.14 – “Bold Miniature”

“Bold” (Miniature) Acrylic on Canvasette; approx. 4″ x 2″; $40

2.9.14 – BOLD Miniature

This painting was a quickie, for sure, but some days have those. She is determined in her look; and the Child is doing some sort of acrobatic move with the Mother unflinching in her gaze. They almost look as though they are caught staring at a stranger, who happed upon them. It is fitting for this date, I thought, since I had two trips to Providence, with a wake in between for a lost grandmother of my niece’s husband — a sad reality for him — his first major loss.

TODAY’s READINGS — Check these out!
Church was the high point of my day with not one — but two — masses! The first was at the ordinary time, 9:45 am — and the other was at 5:30, the Spanish Mass. I love that my Church is ethnically diverse, something that was more common in NC where I raised my children for a time. That’s it for a busy Sunday!

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