2.8.14 _ Wide-Eyed Madonna

2.8.14 Close-up of "Wide-Eyed Madonna" by Jane Dever; Oil on canvas, 20" x 16"; $350
2.8.14 Close-up of “Wide-Eyed Madonna” by Jane Dever; Oil on canvas, 20″ x 16″; $350

This oil painting strikes me as subtle in tone, loosely executed with untouched brush strokes. The boldness of the yellow auras is in contrast to its overall effect. Painted in one sitting, it may be darkened in the eyes at a later date. Named “Wide-Eyed”, I was taken with the angles of the faces and the eyes, as well as with the hands of the Child (best seen in the close-up). A calm painting.

OPENING News… The opening at the Unitarian Church was lots of fun — with so many old friends popping in, as well as many new friends from that congregation. Many thanks to Elizabeth O’Connell for the introduction and to Chiara Romano for curating the show! It was a lovely night, despite one broken bottle of wine in the parking lot with many folks trying to save it (to no avail) in the kitchen. The Mexican Queso and Brie and fruit and other offerings were very well received by the hundred or so that attended. I stayed for their monthly community dinner, during which I sat with Ruth Emers, a talented sculptor and wonderful conversationalist.

2.7.14 Imago Show
Community Art Event at IMAGO, Warren, RI; show photo taken by Ricky Gagnon on 2/7/14

Happy and satisfied, I fled to Warren and made it to the end of the IMAGO Show Opening with fifteen minutes to spare! The show, apparently had a great crowd, and a couple sales — so KUDOS to the IMAGO Members who graciously offered the space to other community Guest Artists. Your effort and skillful curating was greatly appreciated by this Artist/Blogger! See the photo (inset) to see how they nestled my three Madonna/Child paintings among some photos there (thank you, Ricky Gagnon, for the photo)

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