2.10.14 The Eye Doctor, a Funeral and a “Hanging”


WOW, The Eye Doctor, a Funeral and a “Hanging” could be a mystery novel, I think. Unfortunately, I did not paint today, with (as the title tells) a doctor’s appointment, a family funeral to attend, the Sage Café show to hang — and LOTS of job search activity! I have applied for several jobs this week and will (hopefully) have a job soon!

At the eye doctor’s in Barrington, he administered eye drops that turned the whites of my eyes a dark mustard color, so I looked like I had liver issues for the morning! I have had a lot of time seeing distance and close-up, with eye strain — painful — while painting, so I have GOT to get progressives. (Can’t wait, actually)

The funeral was sad (of course) and my nephew was a mess, really. There Bishop who said a few words seemed to think that the woman had only one child — he kept saying that — as her other two children sat in the front row with her (odd and annoying, I thought; but I do have to stop knit-picking. Obviously, he was misinformed or mistaken). It isn’t easy losing a grandmother — I’ve lost both of mine — and he was very close to her. She was a nice Portuguese lady, someone who smiled a lot whenever I saw her. Wish I could have communicated with her. Grandparents have amazing stories to share — my grandmothers did, for sure. My maternal grandmother grew up in Portugal’s high societal circles and in the colony of Angola before she came to America, with a polished and (a tad) snooty air; the other was from the mountains of the North and was a no nonsense, no frills, mostly gruff but loveable, way about her. They would take out old “costumes” from their youth, attire from “dancas” or occasions of their youth, and told stories that took me to exotic foreign lands. My only regret was not knowing how to speak Portuguese, as I really did have the blessing of a lot of time with both of these remarkable women.

NEW SHOWS: The hanging of the work for the CHEESE PLATE in Warren, RI, went without a hitch with these photos to share… The show ends on March 1st, so pop in and have one of their amazing salads if you have time.

My last stop of the day was to hang the show at the SAGE CAFE in Riverside. I will post photos of that show tomorrow, after I hang a few more! I’ll need to have an opening at each of these — TBD.

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