1.5.14 – Venetian Red Madonna

Venetian Red Madonna

2.5.14 – Venetian Red Madonna – and family photos

I painted this painting while hiding out at home and being glad that the roads were bad from the third snow storm in three days. One thing is sure though; when life slows down, reflection is possible! In between emailing info to my accountant, checking out the help wanted, scheduling shows, and arranging for art pick-ups at William Raveis Realty by Saturday, I did have time to relax.

I read somewhere today that I should cut myself some slack — and I moaned — because if I get anymore slack, I’ll trip on my cord. By the time I painted, I was ready to — really tired of not being by myself. The studio is my little escape, where I see my studio-neighbors but shut the door to paint.

I painted with my children and Mary in mind this evening, with an audience (Zoe). The palette was LIMITED, to say the least, considering that I only had six, mostly similar colors to work with (Venetian Red, Bright Yellow Light, Blue Violet Hue, Titanium White, a couple other reds and Indian Yellow). The rest of my oils were at the Studio. The blue violet offset the reds nicely, though…

When I was done, zoe on bedI turned to take a photo of the painting — only to find precious Zoe staring at me from her perch on my pillows, ready to go out in the snow — and ready for me to capture the moment on film! (photo, inset)

Missing the children and my granddaughter is part of what runs through my head on a daily basis, just part of my makeup at this point. Separation isn’t my choice but it is reality; partly due to my living with my mother (a necessity and enjoyable circumstance of her aging and my being here), as well as my children not loving the North after I raised them (for many years) in the South (Chapel Hill, NC).

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I can’t say that I love the North, of course, with its somewhat thick-shelled and easily grouchy people (I grew up here, so I can say that) and its ghastly weather; but, for the time being it makes sense, and I will add that I love the coast here (hands down prettier here than NC’s). Sitting by the water here for two months a year makes it bearable — as do my other family members.

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