2.2.14 – Star Mama Madonna & ART “Stimulus” SALE

This is a revised post of one that was too short and poorly written:

Close-up of "Star Mama Madonna" Watercolor on YUPO, 9" x 12, $175 unframed ($225 framed)
Close-up of “Star Mama Madonna” Watercolor on YUPO, 9″ x 12, $175 unframed ($225 framed)

In this blogger’s opinion, “Star Mama Madonna” has a fun feel to it,  due to the use of watercolor on YUPO  — a polypropylene plastic.  It is so different than canvas or paper, because the paint doesn’t soak in and it swirls about on the surface of the page.  Wild World (shared on 2.1.14) was also painted on YUPO with a more dreamy effect, due to using more water than I did on this one.  The YUPO has a reflective, glistening quality to the surface, even different than board. Board doesn’t absorb the paint either, but the effect is flat — not reflective.  I’m almost ready to dive back into oils, and the next post will feature an oil on YUPO that I started a while back to further test its properties…

Besides absolutely LOVING church and still being thankful for the opportunity to paint, unemployment can drain this girl’s mood and undo her ability to write.  Funny thing, the sermon this week was about knowing the difference of satisfaction versus fulfillment.  In all things, it is better to be fulfilled than have momentary satisfaction, with cravings to follow shortly after.  In that respect, doing the right thing offers more than grabbing at quick fixes.  So what happened after mass was perfect.

I was invited into the prayer room and was pleasantly surprise by a very sweet bunch of new friends.  They asked what my prayer needs were and i told them that i needed a job and that my son (too) needed employment, as he lost his job this week. They prayed over me and “laid hands” on my head and shoulders, asking God for the best solution.  It was moving, to say the least.  Having a faith community is very special.  I want the best solution, not any old solution: fulfillment, not satisfaction.   By the way, my résumé is available to anyone who wants to have it (On Linked In).

Without work, the painting is everything I have going on this week.  I dropped off three pieces for the IMAGO Foundation for the Arts’ upcoming Opening on Friday Night 2/7 (I won’t get there until the tail end); with thirteen in the show that also opens on Friday night, at the First Unitarian Church on Benefit and Benevolent Streets in Providence (I’ve committed to being there from 5-7pm). The Cheese Plate and Sage Cafe will have Madonnas on the wall by next week, too.  It is such fun to attend Openings — highly recommended — and the other work on display in both shows looks fantastic!

"Star Mama Madonna" by Jane Dever, Watercolor on YUPO, 9" x 12", $175 unframed, $225 framed.
“Star Mama Madonna” by Jane Dever, Watercolor on YUPO, 9″ x 12″, $175 unframed, $225 framed.

I want to offer 20% OFF on any purchase I have between today  so if anyone wants to purchase one from this site, let me know!  The only exclusions are Hard as Nails/Tough as Nails, Migrant Madonna aka Purple Haze and Silver Light Fantastic/OrangeAura Madonna.  Everything else — 20% off for the next two days ONLY.

There is a vulnerability that comes with blogging.  It was pointed out by a kind writer friend that my enthusiasm for my own work on occasion comes across as boastful and immature.  I do realize that I am not the best Painter in the world but I meet each new one with surprise, as I would when I make a new friend. Childlike sounds better than immature, so I’ll claim childlike (even though the other fits at times, unfortunately.  He is wise and writes better than anyone else that I know, so his loving criticism across the miles is welcome.

Love to all, Jane

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