1st Month in Review – Video, Slideshows & Invitation!

Having painted more than 31 paintings and/or sketches over the course of the month, I am reflecting and writing, rather than creating visual art today.

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This slideshow features the 31+ paintings and sketches that I finished this month…

And check out this first draft of a time lapse video by Film Maker Halsey Fulton.  It is hilarious, as I painted non-stop for over three hours with layer upon layer of several paintings on the canvas.  To see the video, CLICK on this LINK:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv-txDwwmVo&list=HL1391224339. Thanks, Halsey; you’re the best!

All work is available for sale; pricing is marked and major credit cards are accepted
All work is available for sale; pricing is marked and major credit cards are accepted

Art Opening!

INVITATION:  You are ALL welcome to attend my Art Opening Reception next Friday night, February 7th from 5-7pm at the Unitarian Church on Benefit and Benevolent Streets. I have thirteen pieces  there, with Elizabeth O’Connell’s work as well (Great Watercolors)!

If there is one that you would like to purchase,  from the slideshows, please fill out the contact info below.  Major credit cards are accepted and pricing is negotiable. Visit the studio, too!

In addition to the 2014 slideshow, these are available past works:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alta Luna Design by Adelaide Mary Dever; http://www,adelaidedever.com
Alta Luna’s Logo Design  by Adelaide Mary Dever (My daughter).  Go to her website to have her design yours, too; http://www.adelaidedever.com

Thank you for following.  Sending you lots of Mary love,


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