Day 28 – Sleepy-eyed Madonna and Child

I cannot believe this palette! Beautiful spring colors again… And she is as tired as I am… Eye strain and up all night painting, perhaps. I wonder which caused her look and stance. $275

I’m looking hoping for an early Spring.

Moving back to New England was tough for me, after living in NC. I remember that first winter of 2007. I was living in Seekonk, MA, and had a slate floor in my studio there… A very cold room, with three sides of windows with a door to the rear yard, where I brought in hundreds of logs to burn that season.

As a matter of fact, I just loaded this “Seasons of Change” landscape onto my pile to take to the show at the Unitarian Church (opening, Feb 9th from 5-7pm; located at One Benevolent Street). And I’ll share it, because I’d like someone to buy it ($400 includes a great frame; it won an award at BAM) AND because it shares the color scheme of today’s painting. Here is the photo:

The night I painted this landscape (see it here), I was literally wrapped in a blanket while I painted it — freezing cold, with only one arm exposed to deal with the brush. I was so upset by yet another snow storm and decided to paint the tree line, as it was that night.

The upper portion is what I saw in the yard, leading to the reservoir: drifts of snow, an owl or coyote (I had both), and deep dark wilderness on a frigid night. I was not a happy camper about my cold surroundings; so I abruptly added the North Carolina landscape below it, to remind me of what I left behind there; with a cross-slashed pink line to separate them.

The house I lived in, as a caretaker for my family, was so cool. We eventually sold it — but it was nice while it lasted (even as cold and drafty as it was, I’d hoped to keep it). Life goes on though; and at the end of it, I won’t be thinking about this house (photo)

Now it’s time for this sleepy-Eyed Madonna to go home to sleep before my trip to Providence…


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