Day 27 – Small Mother



It’s after 2 AM but I finished this at about ten thirty yesterday (4 hours ago). I got a late start, after waiting for hot water. The new hot water heater was installed today at home, after the hassle that was a frozen water main break in a vacant condo nearby… A mess. But it is finally over, officially, with all repairs done. Somehow, invigorating 40 degree water was not part of my shower plans today.

This “Small Mother” is a nice surprise, totally unplanned and delightful in so many ways, as I study her now. Anatomically, she is three or four years old, based on the “number of heads tall” she is. I never plan them and that happens sometimes. Subconsciously, I must have planned it to be a toddler with a doll or a small person. She has one foot turned out which shows some confidence; but I do think she looks a tad timid and she is holding the child with great care. The spring greens and petal pinks and carrot oranges are the gentle colors of Spring. And I watered down the many layers that comprise the background of this acrylic painting, using the medium as a light watercolor wash. This is one of my very favorite paintings, to date in 2014. She is perfectly protective and a very good mama to her baby. I just noticed that their auras are pink and gold, by the way, spiritual and regal. I think she has an old soul, from the look on her face… It’s no surprise that she reminds me of my granddaughter Anahata, in her expression. She too, must be a good mama to her babies.

Things are wrapping up with the film… I know! You’ve heard about this since October; but it takes that long to plan and properly implement a Kickstarter campaign; and AS soon as it is approved, I will post the link to this blog. It shouldn’t be long and I only have a few more pieces to write for the static part of the post. The budget is the scariest part, as I have to price everything i need for the year in advance. Describing donor gifts and calculating shipping costs to other countries is difficult — and very expensive if I price things incorrectly. It’s more complicated than you’d think. Just try to imagine how you would calculate studio costs and material costs for 365 paintings. I’ve just completed a few more than 28 in 28 days, and it is costly. I’m running out of canvas again.

I will catch some sleep before I drive to Providence for 10am this morning. I am dropping off several of my Madonnas for a three person exhibit at the First Unitarian Church on Benefit Street in Providence (the Opening Reception is on Friday, February 7, 2014, from 5pm to 7pm) so come if you can. Everyone is invited to this show. If you have mentioned that you want a painting, please call by phone. I need to get definite answers today if possible, so that I don’t hang a piece that you definitely want to buy. All pricing is negotiable before the other project begins. I need to make room for 365 paintings! Yikes. That is a lot of Madonna love!

I will close with a photo of my granddaughter, the photo I thought of when I saw this Madonna’s expression… A lot alike, I think. She definitely has an old soul, too — and she is precious.


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