Day 26 – “Flip Side Orange Aura” on back of “Silver Light Fantastic” & framing today


Day 26 – “Flip Side Orange Aura”

I started this painting at the Gallery last year and just added final touches today… Unfortunately, I painted “Silver Light Fantastic” on the back of it impulsively. Now looking at this Orange Aura more closely, I am torn between the two and may have to frame it so that they are seen from both sides and can be switched back and forth — somehow.


These are both great candidates for Gicle prints, too, so you will see more of both, with possible paintings on top of the prints to enhance the prints. Whoever buys one will get both, TWO GEMS. I’m in the painting ZONE on Day 26, grabbing boards and painting, paper, canvas, you name it; a bit crazy at times, too, with (even) TWO-sided pieces to show for it!

All in all, it was a busy and fun day. It started with a cold shower (new hot water heater arrives tomorrow), church in Providence where I bought two homemade empanadas after church (yum; they sell them in the corridor after Mass), then had a coffee at CAV while I waited for Jerry’s Artarama to open next door (a very pretty setting for a $2 cup of coffee!) Lowes Hardware was next, where i found a very patient clerk to cut all different sizes from the 4 foot slats that i selected for a new hanging system project. From there I headed back to the Studio to add final touches to today’s painting, I matted and framed, “Summer Rose Madonna”, then jumped into my project.

With the help of the cut plywood slats and Gorilla Glue, I attached spacers to the backs of my Masonite pieces, an alternative to framing. Applying spacers this way, holds the unframed boards away from the wall by 5/8″ with a great overall effect! My friend John Irwin, (a painter, whom I featured at the old Alta Luna Gallery over the summer) used this technique well; and I decided to try it. Unfettered by framing, this simple hanging style adds impact without drawing attention away from the image. All total, I readied about ten new pieces today, leaving time for dinner at my brother’s house (we had a blast).

The cold shower and early start allowed me time to worship, time to work at the studio; and I had nice balance in my day, without frantic rushing to do it all

EVENT: I’d like to invite all of you to attend my next art show opening on February 7, 2014, at the First Unitarian Church on Benefit Street in Providence from 5pm to 7pm. I will be one of three featured artists! Thanks to Elizabeth O’Connell, a talented water colorist, I was invited to be part of this exhibit in February. I’ll also have three pieces at the RI State House long term loan Exhibit soon (yay)… As well as a small exhibit at Sage Cafe in Riverside (5 or 6 pieces)…

I hope you love this new painting, and the photo of my nephew holding one of my old tiles, Rasta Mama 2. He is the youngest of my parents grandchildren, so I feel old as he turns 24 tomorrow. This tired Auntie Jane is ready to sleep now at 10:46 pm! Goodnight.

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