Day 17 – Blue Moon

When you see this one next, the face of the Mother will be less blue… Perhaps.

Day 17 - Blue Moon
Day 17 – Blue Moon, acrylic on Masonite board, 14″ x 11″, $100

I had no choice but leave it alone, for the time being, after I swiped it with the back of the brush as I was reached across my desk!  I almost called it “Blue in the Face”, because I painted and reprinted the once perfect face so many times that I was blue in the face. Painting can be so easy sometimes and so frustrating at others.  It’s like writing, too.  I mentioned to a friend yesterday that there are times when I think about the most profound things throughout the day but forget to write them down.  My menopausal memory isn’t altogether terrific, to say the least, so it’s a bummer to draw blanks when sit down to write.

The painting flowed as well as molasses in a snow bank last night.  Blue Moon isn’t the worst one I’ve ever painted but it isn’t my best.  I’ll price it at $100 and hopefully someone will love it.

Speaking of pricing, I finally set up two gallery pages, one for 2014 Paintings (click this link or go to the tabs at the top of the page) and one for Pre-2014 Paintings; and they include prices and sizes.  They took hours to set up with the descriptions, etc. Other than painting and writing, my day was pretty dull, writing at Angelina’s before going to the studio (used their WiFi). I did run into Fun friends with dogs at the coffee shop,  though; AND I did receive a calendar of beautiful Madonna paintings from my pal, Bob! Great for inspiration — and he and his lovely bride are SO supportive, as are the aforementioned friends.

Oddly, after my pals left, I absolutely got “hit on” at the coffee shop, too, by an attractive playboy type; but — uh — do I not come across as a church lady these days?  I paint Madonnas for Pete’s sake…  I was flattered and said maybe when I lose 50 pounds!  That leaves me time (lots) to think about that one and for him to cool his jets. On that subject, I have no problem with all nighters — painting! I’ve not given up hope to find One Good Man (like Janis, not a latter-day variety though); and I’ll date until I’m Blue in the face, but find it exhausting. An old flame called me to check in this week and I was happy to hear his voice, so who knows? God knows.

I guess it’s okay for me to have big dreams in love, too.  Meantime, gather male friends and can (at least) know that they probably won’t ask me to go to the mall (not that I’d choose female friends that live to shop)…  I can never have too many friends.

The flip side of getting a ton of work done  by staying up all night at the studio is that my eyes are killing me and I’m achy all over! The best part is that I got two more paintings done in advance, so I’ll write more soon. Until then… Ciao, Jane

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