Day 16 – Impasto Sun Madonna

DAY 16 - "Impasto Sun Madonna" by Jane Dever, Acrylic on Canvas, 14" x 11" unframed, (1.16.14)$225
DAY 16 – “Impasto Sun Madonna” by Jane Dever, Acrylic on Canvas, 14″ x 11″ unframed, (1.16.14)$225

I just put fish in the oven (Thanks to Linda Rego of East Bay Mock LobsterNewspapers, for her Mock Lobster recipe/inset photo), Andy Griffith is playing in the background  (Mom loves the old programs) and the dog is napping after a workout at doggie daycare (my niece owns Club Canine), so I jumped on to write about the painting that I just left to dry at the Studio.

I used the palette knife for most of this “Impasto Sun Madonna” painting; and when using one, the thicker the paint is, the better.  It could have been even thicker. The Mother had a perfect face until I swiped it with the palette knife and had to start again, so she is a bit peculiar — but fabulous.  I am impulsive and didn’t think too much when I began, so she is standing on the bottom line, right at the edge of the canvas — something I can consider when/if I frame her.  The best selection, I think will be a drop in/floating frame.  If I can find access to a table saw, I am thinking that I might start building my own frames again, out of oak slats — not the cheap ones this time.  A bit thicker (1/4″), in hardwood, nail-gunned to the edge of the canvas so it doesn’t cover the painting edge at all.

All that writing about time management is a joke, I guess, as I rushed around today (again).  I was late coming home with the fish (mom eats at 7pm), late enough that my niece dropped the dog off after daycare, and I left a bit of a mess on my desk at the Studio.

mom and zoe  I guess I don’t care as long as I paint, apply for jobs, and meet my obligations to family,  my mother and my dog.

I like the painting, too, a bit disheveled — and I love it.zoe

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