Day 14 – Blue Bandanna Mother and Child

Acrylic on canvas, 20" x 16", $425
Acrylic on canvas, 20″ x 16″, $425

I started painting this way back in September, when I was sitting outside the (former) gallery awaiting customers, and trying to entice them in…

She had an instant appeal to me, likable, spiritual, down to earth and beautiful. Her bandanna, loosely knotted ponytail and linen dress reminds me of music festival folk and the light-hearted life that I so enjoyed in North Carolina — with music and company to lift hearts and free oneself in good times. Shakori Hills Music Festival in Pittsboro, NC, is my favorite venue for hearing music (and camping) and i plan to get there somehow in April! Two years ago, we took my granddaughter (6 months old at the time) and I have other great memories of it, too.

In 2007, a year or so after I first connected to God in a new, personal way, I remember going to that event and really meditating easily there. Alone and camping out for the weekend to float off in prayer and meditation — and to dance in celebration of what felt like a perfect life. One of my best memories is falling under Carolina blue skies in warm sunshine, on a blanket in an empty and open field and falling into a glorious nap; then being woken by music a few hours later in a warm and fuzzy state (it was such a good nap, I had to be drooling), surrounded by a huge crowd of people. I just sat up and was astounded by what I heard — a total God gift — HuDost, a band called HuDost. I listened to one of their albums nonstop for at least a year (My favorite songs of theirs are “99 Prayers” and “This is Me” (it embodied my life then).

Music and God — music is such a blessing! Nature and being near water really helps me to connect, too; probably the serenity of it.

I reached for this partially done painting, Blue Bandanna Madonna, yesterday. I’d wanted to keep it spare, as the first phase was beautiful, too (except for her missing forearms, of course). It developed more detailed than I thought and I am happy with her still. The crown of stars turned into twelve red birds, for some reason. Shakori is an old Native American reservation, so maybe the birds are linked to that, not sure.

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