Day 12 – Holy Water


I named this “Holy Water” because I painted it after being blessed with Holy Water today by my Parish priest, Father Ruggieri. It embodies the blessings and unlimited love that the Blessed Mother has for those who seek comfort from her.

This day was the day in scripture on which Jesus Christ was baptized. Although he was 30 at the time, this painting is dedicated to baptism. I also watched a beautiful 2 year old (maybe 3) boy be christened today, and it was moving. His entire family was there… Precious. I also renewed my baptismal vows during their ceremony, which took place at my church.

I had a great conversation with a woman there, too, about Mary, and it just reinforced my love of this topic. I told her how hard it has been to follow through and she said that Gods work IS hard, always hard. We (I) are not perfect and the world sidetracks us… The benefits from doing work in the name of God is worth it. Even in my non-saintly way, the results are heavenly. The love and peace. The mothering. The sharing and humility. The ease that comes with turning my worries over. The unconditional acceptance of a loving Holy Mother. Forgiveness is real here, too.

Goodnight. I’m tired after a full day with family and don’t want to write a long passage today. I sometimes think that over analysis can hurt things. Just trusting the outcome once I’ve done my work, works for me.

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