Day 9 – Silver Light Fantastic


This painting was one that flowed from my soul, like meditation and complete clearing of the mind, after passing through a muddle (painter’s block). It felt effortless to paint it, a quick painting. The background held its own and I considered leaving it Madonna-less but my gut didn’t. She came effortlessly to this piece, in her strong, assured, gorgeous “Silver Light Fantastic” way. This (I think) is the light that shines brighter after darkness.

Using silver again and loving it. It’s often used to kill germs, on surgical equipment, in pool chemicals, etc. I prefer it to gold, in terms of jewelry, for it seems less opulent with a “less is more” bent to it — back to basics, fresh; like prayer on the floor rather than on the comfort of a chair (humble, not high and mighty).

My Sufi friend once told me that the only sin in Life is not remembering. I asked, “Remembering what?”, to which he answered, “Where we came from.” It’s so simple. (I think) we start out perfect at birth, get damaged, do damage to ourselves and others, spend our lives trying get over all that, and wish to relive the “good times” while wasting the now; when, if we remember the beginning and honor that divinity in ourselves and others, we can find bliss. Why suffer with unhappiness when we are still children of that perfect Love, our Creator (God). I used to be able to close my eyes to go back in an instance, to be held by God and to be in that light. When I’m not well, it’s because I’ve lost the simplicity of that.

I will paint my day silver today to keep my attitude positive, maybe as positive as it was when I “flowed out of this painting” or into the world the first day of life in Silver Light Fantastic. And I’ll go for a walk In this beautiful weather to meditate and “remember”. My friend Frank gave me this quote today to keep me on track, too:

“Good things come to those who believe. Better things come to those who are patient. The best things come to those who don’t give up.” (Author unknown)

Hey, check out this great song I found on a friend’s friend’s FB page: Shuggie Otis – Strawberry Letter 23

See ya later,

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