Day 8 – How Art Thou?

How Art Though_1.8.14_Acrylic on Masonite board


DAY 8 – How ART Thou?

A few years ago, when I turned 50, I took stock of where I was in my life as I walked on the beach that day. It was a beautiful day, and I took off in the car to spend time with myself, found myself at South Shore Beach in Little Compton. I took this photo of myself — a selfie — with the sun behind me.

The caption for this reads, “This is how I want to remember fifty; at the water, enveloped in light, loved, being a good mother/grandmother/friend/daughter/sister/child of God/creator; and I want to make progress in my dreams of painting more/ showing more art/ creating a new art space in RI (huge), shedding light on a food sharing in RI, and I want to make a short film/documentary (need a flip camera if anyone has one to share. It will be a busy fiftieth year; so, having said that, I’d better get my beauty rest. God knows at fifty, I’ll need a lot of it! Oh! Important! I want to do more yoga this year. And I want to record some meditation CDs to share the guided meditation I do by myself! Good night. — with The Madonna Painter.”

Jane at 50

In terms of that day and what I wrote, I guess my life followed my dreams over the next two years. I found this caption and photo yesterday, just when I needed it… to realize that I am doing okay — on my own terms. I have dreamed large dreams and I am allowing myself to see them happen. [of course, I haven’t gotten to all of them; but definitely to others, with the film in progress and help i gave to the food sharing help was less than it could have been]

This 365 Madonna Painting project is a big dream, a big undertaking, and I pray that I make it. I was ready to pack in the 365 in 365 idea yesterday and then — just decided that I could do it. The actual BIG project hasn’t started yet; many of you don’t realize that. This is a primer of sorts…

I get scared when I think Big Dreams, though. Sometimes I PROCRASTINATE in fear. Before I painted this painting, I STOPPED and really Procrastinated: I blamed errands, the weather, the dog, you name it; I drove by the studio and kept driving; called and wrote a few friends to go out; ate dinner; had a bit of a pressure-derived panic-attack or several; then, finally JUST went to the studio and got it done. Writing is taking me a bit longer and you’re seeing paintings later as a result — but for now, this is the way I’m doing it.

Walking the path, just continuing… seems so easy now — after the fact.


I hope you like this painting. I love her and the baby… I was going to call it Children of the Corn or something, fitting for the day I had; but as I was finishing this painting at the studio, I heard a ding from my phone, and it was from one of my friend Elaine was concerned about my carrying on about my procrastination and her simply question on the text was, “How art Thou?”

I tweaked it with caps to “How ART Thou?” and so now you have my answer. (okay for now.)

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