Day 3 – “Summer Rose” (1.3.2014)

1.3.14 Summer Rose_oil crayon on paper_14x11Oh how I love this painting, actually a drawing, with oil crayon on Canton paper, measuring 14″ x 11″ unframed.  I will find the perfect frame for her.  Using the crayon is messy and fun — as is life!

Oil crayon is, essentially, oil paint in a semi-soft crayon. I layer it, smear it, scratch it away, thin it out with turpenoid, draw over it some more — and LOVE using it!

Self-taught, I discovered this process after buying a set of them on a whim.  I painted my first oil crayon piece (it won an award at BAM) in the backyard where I lived in Rehoboth while sitting at a picnic table listening to my housemate’s jam session with his peers. Inspired by the beauty of the land, dips in the pool, the warmth of the sun and the folk music that filled the house, it was a very positive time (a happy and mellow time — see my photo inset).jane in rehoboth

(I may have invented “Floating Meditation” that summer, too; totally relaxed in deep water, deep breathing IN air to stay afloat and dipping down on every exhale OUT/a blast but don’t try it alone.)

I’ve since departed that place after my dad got sick/passed away, to live in my hometown (Bristol).  I miss my Dad.  I do catch glimpses of him when I see myself in the mirror or when I catch myself (slightly OCD) picking my cuticles or fidgeting — or seeing his sister; and I frequent his favorite lunch spot (Riccotti’s/Bristol) in his memory.  He taught me to work hard. He was (as am I) a bit distant and untrusting at times, although we developed a priceless bond in his final years (after I returned from NC); and, for that, I am eternally grateful.

Back to today (a meandering mind and quick typing adds up to tangents of all sorts): I drew “Summer Rose” while snowed in at home, after RI’s first major snow storm of 2014, happily watching Downton Abbey reruns with my 86 year old mother and Zoe.  I am not surprised that roses and warmth found their way into this Madonna and Child portrait on such a frigid weather day!

After I shoveled out, I was happy to head downtown though.  I love home and being out and about, seeing friends at Angelina’s and being alone (physically, anyway) to work! (Marianne Z, I changed the title for you!)

Peace and rock on,


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