Day 2 – “The Vow” (1.2.2014)

1.2.14_The Vow_Acrylic on Paper_5x7

This painting is going to be my poster child for the lack of perfection with which I keep vows!

My day: Unexpectedly, I voluntarily traded studio work for snow-day  babysitting my great nephew (great time, played video football, watched a movie/catnapped, read), got to the studio very late, and then had to rush through it, rushing out after an hour to avoid my car being towed during the parking ban.

By the time I realized that I’d never finish the painting it was too late to change the outcome. Reverse pride would have me wallow in shame over this, become fearful and quit the project altogether (my default).

“The Vow” looks a bit horse-faced and sloppy, haphazard.  Frankly, I’m okay with that, though I wasn’t immediately.  I will probably tweak her at some point; but for now, she is perfect the way she is (even with MUCH too short legs that my ego cropped out of the photo!).  A poet once told me that he never edits the last typo out of his work before it goes to publication, to remind himself that he is not God.  Sounds fitting for this scenario.  Like life and myself, this is all work in progress.

I vow to continue on this path — with a tad more scheduling (maybe) — and to enjoy it and its veering.  Every day comes with an opportunity to do better. Life goes on!

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